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The blood sugar curves displayed on this page represent six hour GTT's of people previously receiving a medical diagnosis and having a name assigned to their specific symptom(s). The curves are not meant to serve as any basis for a diagnosis, self or otherwise, for any specific ailment, disease, or condition and are displayed and discussed at this page, and the associated linked pages, for educational purposes only.


You are invited to read about the Six Hour Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) before moving onto the Symptoms and Tendencies below. First, learn how the test is done, what it means, how it's interpreted and why it's important for you to know what your blood sugar is doing.

Move your mouse over the Symptom and Tendency links to display a typical blood sugar tendency for a medically diagnosed condition.

Normal Balance                               

ADHD male 8 yrs                             

ADHD male 12 yrs                           

ADHD female 14 yrs                        

Bipolar Disorder male 35 yrs            

Schizophrenia male 27 yrs               

Manic Depression female 40 yrs